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Shareholders' information - Contents


Form of proxy [25kb]

Explanatory notes to notice of annual general meeting

Voting and proxies

1. Every holder of shares present in person or by proxy at the meeting, or, in the case of a body corporate represented at the meeting, shall be entitled to vote at the meeting. Duly completed proxy forms or powers of attorney must be lodged with the company’s registrars or at the registered offices of the company, not less than 48 (forty-eight) hours before the time appointed for holding the meeting. As the meeting is to be held at 12:00 on Tuesday, 13 June 2006, proxy forms or powers of attorney must be lodged on or before 14:00 on Friday, 9 June 2006. The names and addresses of the registrars are given on the back of the proxy form as well as on page 235 of this report.

2. A shareholder (including certificated shareholders and dematerialised shareholders who hold their shares with “own name” registration) entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may appoint a proxy or proxies to attend, speak and vote in his/her/its stead. A proxy does not have to be a shareholder of the company. The appointment of a proxy will not preclude the shareholder who appointed that proxy from attending the annual general meeting and speaking and voting in person thereat to the exclusion of any such proxy. A form of proxy for use at the meeting is attached.

3. The attention of shareholders is directed to the additional notes relating to the form of proxy attached.

4. Dematerialised shareholders other than dematerialised shareholders who hold their shares with “own name” registration, who wish to attend the annual general meeting have to contact their Central Securities Depository Participant (“CSDP”) or broker who will furnish them with the necessary authority to attend the annual general meeting, or they have to instruct their CSDP or broker as to how they wish to vote in this regard. This has to be done in terms of the agreement entered into between such shareholder and its CSDP or broker.