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Sustainability review - Contents

Business case

Business case

Our brand promise is Everywhere You Go. To deliver on this promise, we need to create the infrastructure required to ensure continuous and reliable mobile communication access to our customers wherever they go. This is only possible if we remain a profitable company and can deliver meaningful returns to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include shareholders, employees, customers, communities surrounding our businesses as well as the public sector that has supported the Group in its journey from a fledgling telecommunications operator in an emerging economy to becoming a global player in a connected world.

However, we endeavour to balance profit with the need to act in a socially responsible way and to invest in the required infrastructure to expand our reach to a wide customer base and to meet our contractual obligations as a mobile telecoms operator promoting universal access in each country of operation. We understand that profit can also be enhanced by improved management systems and greater efficiencies within our daily operations.

The infinite service possibilities enabled by technological advancements, such as wireless and high-speed data access, coupled with the commercial expansiveness of today’s global economy, need to be balanced with environmental pressures and social sustainability concerns. Delivering a brand promise depends on our success in bridging the gaps through the creation of meaningful value for all our stakeholders wherever we go.

We aim to create this value in four ways.

Firstly, through constantly enhancing our connectivity and services to meet the communication needs of our customers at all income levels and by enabling genuine localised economic development and social upliftment. This allows us to constructively expand our market through positive initiatives that simultaneously enhance the lives of local populations.

Secondly, by creating interlinking value between stakeholder groups as well as establishing the systems to measure and monitor our performance against their expectations, we are able to manage our risks more effectively and identify opportunities timeously. This in turn enables us to enhance our service offerings and growth.

Thirdly, by acting in a sustainable way in our daily business practices through the promotion of operational efficiencies, we comply with our own environmental philosophies and are able to effect meaningful savings within the Group. We continually focus on new and innovative ways to create value - be it through making or saving money. Where possible, we recycle, use environmentally friendly materials and co-ordinate activities more efficiently.

Fourthly, by attracting and cultivating a highly skilled and motivated workforce as well as focusing on skills development and local skills transfer, we are able to deliver superior service to our customers. In the past year, we have focused increasingly on strengthening a customer-centric culture within our operations. We have done this through promoting an employeecentric environment for our staff. To achieve this has meant considering their health and wellbeing, their skills, talents and career aspirations, while enabling their performance through effective processes and organisational tools.

It is almost impossible to measure the intangible value created through our operational philosophies, efficiencies and CSI programmes. However, there are indeed two intangible benchmarks for creating stakeholder value: reputation and brand recognition. This is true for any organisation operating in a highly competitive, technologically advanced and fast-paced industry. With our brand promise consolidated across all our operational territories, our market reputation becomes a single point of reference. This means that we are now singularly branded by stakeholders, both continentally and globally, according to the way we do business in any one of our operational territories.

For this reason, we endeavour to maintain the same quality of service delivery in all regions, standardise and embed operational processes across all operations and ensure a global reputation that is associated with trust in quality service delivery, territorial commitment and the creation of positive stakeholder value in everything we do.