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Sustainability review - Contents

Scope and use of the Sustainability Reporting section

With the change in the Group’s financial year-end - from March to December - the report covers the nine months to 31 December 2005. The targets and objectives set in the previous report were intended for a 12-month period and, where applicable, have been adjusted to reflect target status for the nine-month period. At times, the shortened reporting period may have contributed to our objectives not being fully realised.

This year, we have integrated our business report and sustainability report into one annual report. Hence, this section on corporate sustainability should be read in the context of the full annual report. The content and structure of the section has been guided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on Sustainable Development. The GRI content index is available on our website -

This section only covers the MTN Group’s six established operations – South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda and Swaziland. The Group’s new operations will be included in future reviews as the concept and framework for sustainability management are understood and embedded.

Further details of operational performance are given in the individual operational performance review sections of this annual report. For brevity and ease of access, we have again used our website to publish standard policies and procedures. We refer the reader to this site.

This section of the integrated annual report aims to highlight achievements in our performance and the impact of the Group’s sustainability practices in the past year. We do this by referencing various Group activities at selected operations. We also aim to give the reader some insight into our future sustainability goals as well as the potential challenges we face in achieving these. While we are unable to refer to every country when referencing our performance and impact, each operation is committed to following Group practices and standards.

As always, we would appreciate your feedback on this report, as well as the process that was adopted in developing it. For further information on how to engage the Group or to give comments, kindly visit the Group website and send comments via fax or e-mail to:

Mr T Ramodibe

+27 11 912 3000

+27 11 912 4341