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Sustainability review - Contents

Targets and achievements

Economic and governance structures

Target 2005 Progress Target 2006
An improvement of CRI (Corporate Reputation Index) scores in all operations by 2% each year. CRI ratings have increased in Rwanda (4%) and Cameroon (3%), elsewhere they remained constant or decreased. An improvement of CRI scores in all operations by 2% each year.
Refine our management information systems to include both financial and sustainability indicators. The management information reporting system has been refined to include financial and non-financial indicators.  
Increase fraud prevention and detection throughout the Group through:
  • Fraud awareness training
  • Forensic capabilities
  • A whistle-blowing function
A whistle-blowing function has been established in six group operations. A whistle-blowing function to be extended to the new operations. Further fraud awareness training and forensic capabilities will be deployed in each operation.
BEE procurement target South Africa of R750 million. BEE procurement in South Africa exceeded R1 billion. BEE spend in South Africa of R1,3 billion.
Embed sustainability practices, measures and targets across the Group as a part of the performance monitoring process. Sustainability practices still need to be further embedded within all operations. This will be achieved through the implementation of the developed integrated sustainability framework. Embed our sustainability framework and performance indicators into each operation with a view to performing internal audits and compliance reviews in 2007.
Enhance assurance on our sustainability practices and framework, by addressing the internal audit report findings on sustainability. Internal audit findings addressed by:
  • developing a sustainability framework
  • assessing each operation in relation to KPI management.
Further assurance over sustainability performance is required and will be achieved when the operations adopt the sustainability framework.
Embed business level risk management procedures by June 2006. Risk management procedures continue to be extended to the organisation. Embed business level risk management procedures further.
Conduct an annual corporate reputation audit. The annual corporate reputation audit has been conducted this year across all existing operations. Conduct annual reputation review and consistently improve scores for the Group and individual operations.
Extend ISO health and safety certification across all operations. The extension of ISO health and safety accreditation to other operations has not been achieved. Obtain ISO health and safety certification across all operations within the next two years.

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Target 2005 Progress Target 2006
Annual independent assessments of CSI projects and extension to all operations. Further progress is required to ensure that independent assessments of CSI projects are done annually. Allocate up to 1% of profit after tax to CSI in each operation and establish Foundations where appropriate.
Maintain a staff turnover rate between 3% and 5%. Our staff turnover rate was 2,2%. Maintain a staff turnover rate of between 5% and 7%.
Submit an employment equity (EE) plan for increased employee equity by 2006 in South Africa. A revised EE plan was submitted in 2005 and MTN South Africa is fully compliant with the Employment Equity Act of 1998. Retain and maintain compliance with EE legislation.
Build increased leadership to support growth for the Group. Continued development of leadership capabilities across all operations through training and development programmes.  
Complete management training through Y’ello Leader Academy. Y’ello Leader Academy in South Africa and Swaziland will be completed by end 2006. Extend the Y’ello Leader Academy to all operations by the end of 2007 and to middle management in South Africa.
    Proactively communicate with and engage all stakeholders.
    Improve call centre response rates across operations and improve systems in the South African call centres.

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Target 2005 Progress Target 2006
Consistently implement training and instruction pertaining to the Group-wide EMS across all operations. Further training across all operations on the EMS and streamlining the operational implementation. Refine the reporting structures of our EMS to match the organisation’s electronic risk management system.
Extend ISO 14001 certification to other operations. Limited success in ISO certification. Extend ISO 14001 certification across the Group in the next two to three years.
Promote awareness amongst consumers to recycle phones and batteries. The need to recycle phones and phone batteries has been highlighted and plans are in place to enhance recycling efforts. Intensify consumer awareness of used handset recycling and the use of biodegradable rechargecards.
     Promote a Group culture of efficiency for greater environmental awareness.
    Train suppliers on the handling of electromagnetic fields, particularly those working on our towers.

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