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Sustainability review - Contents

The way forward

The Group experienced various changes and expansions during the past year. Firstly, our year-end is now December as opposed to March and, secondly, we are now operating in 11 countries. These operational changes, coupled with the increase in our customer base as a result of both market expansion and new services, have placed significant pressure on our employees and their ability to meet our sustainability targets and objectives set in March 2005.

However, we have progressed on all of our targets and achieved some. Our sustainability management framework has been developed and approved by our board and we have performed a “status check” in terms of where we want to be, where we currently are and what we need to do to progress.

Now that the framework is in place, we are focusing on implementing the requisite management systems to measure and monitor our progress. Only then can we set ourselves meaningful targets to improve our performance. This will be a key focus area for the Group in the coming year.

While we have earlier committed to achieving higher levels of sustainability reporting and management, we are confident that the joint efforts of the business risk management department – with its newly defined responsibility of embedding and advising operations on sustainability management – and Corporate Affairs’ responsibility for external reporting will achieve meaningful progress in the year ahead.

The results of our corporate reputation audit and stakeholder survey show that we are active – and recognised by stakeholders – in many material areas of our sustainability management. However, our efforts are not necessarily co-ordinated in a formalised way. While we operate in socially responsible ways and create value for many stakeholder groups, this value cannot be tangibly measured and targets cannot be meaningfully set, visibly achieved and practically surpassed.

With the Group expanding into additional territories, we face a further challenge of implementing and embedding the sustainability framework into these new operations as soon as possible. We are confident that we will make significant progress in this area in the coming year.

Embedding sustainabiliy takes time and a level of organisational understanding that accepts sustainability issues and stakeholder interests as forming part of the business and not existing separate from it. Only once this principle is filtered through to all our operations and a solid Group-wide basis is built from which to launch new and innovative sustainability initiatives, will we be able to define a holistic vision for the future which incorporates the interests of all stakeholders in a measurable way.